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Our work reflects the commitment, energy and proficiency with which we engage your business.  We appreciate the opportunity to exceed expectations.

ATE provides actionable, solution driven insights to our clients.  Our trends & insights work is featured in publications (print & digital) across the country.

ATE develops client recipes in both the foodservice & retail channels (working with marketing agencies, manufactures, commodity boards, commercial restaurants).

ATE develops menus & LTOs for restaurants; as well as, providing strategic thinking at ideations.  

Trends & Insights
Recipe Development
Restaurant & Menu Innovation

How we can help you:

ATE's diverse experiences, 

connections and unique culinary background creates a resource that is valuable to clients.

Imagine if that culinary perspective was a part of everything you did.

We are your source for solution driven culinary.

 - the Why

 - the How

 - the Result

Engage us for your:

  • Culinary concepting (the strategic ideas)

  • Food tours

  • Ideations (as a strategic & creative culinary partner)

  • Culinary trends & insights writing and speaking engagements

How we can help you:

ATE takes a consumer driven approach, generating actionable results rooted in insights.

Our original recipes deliver on a flavor first principal and will elevate your business.

Engage us for your:

  • Recipe development

How we can help you:


ATE is focused on creating relevant, indelible food experiences and highly craveable food for our clients. We view the restaurant menu as the (present & future) core driver of food & service.  

Our goal is the right food & value, at the right time, at the right price – aligned with your brand strategy. 

We are your source for inspiration and creative culinary.

Engage us for your:  

  • Culinary strategy & menu concept development

  • Menu, LTO & recipe development

  • Innovation pipeline

  • Ideations (as a strategic & creative culinary partner)

  • Establishing menu food standards 

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